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How Private Investigation Can Help Protect You Against Employee Theft

Statistics show that employee theft happens a lot more than anyone would ever think. Some mistakenly think theft is only involved when money is taken but that just isn’t the case. Both money and merchandise are considered theft and sometimes need a private investigation to uncover which employee is the guilty party.

Many business owners, especially small businesses, find it very hard to believe one of their employees would ever think of stealing from them. This is often because in small businesses employees are seen as family members. They are often given a level of trust that sometimes they have not earned. Interestingly enough it is this exact relationship that allows the employee the freedom to steal right out from under their boss’s nose. This is the precise reason why private investigation is so vital to businesses of all sizes. They can infiltrate guard services who sometimes pose as employees. They will fit into the business flawlessly allowing them to assess each employee individually. While doing this they will actually have the sole mission of weeding out those who are truly untrustworthy. They will then present their findings to the person in charge of the business and allow that person to decide what action is to be taken, if any.

Guard services have people who are trained to see things that others often miss. A good example of this is the employee who is always volunteering to work beyond their normal hours, even on holidays. Sometimes a sticky-fingered worker will do this because they worry if they take a day off their illegal activities might be uncovered. While it just might be they are actually being exemplary employees a private investigation might reveal something different. And if that is the case then the behavior will be tagged with a red flag and taken to the one in charge. When dealing with your business, it never hurts to be a little extra cautious.

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